Tuesday, May 1, 2012

You Have Start Sometime/Somewhere...

First run this morning. Woke up early and it was pouring out. When it comes to real cold, very high winds, or pouring rain, I am a wuss. So I headed down to the basement for a short 4 mile jaunt on the treadmill while finishing up Episode 13 from the Biggest Loser, and the very beginning of Episode 14. Nothing like training for a marathon while watching America's morbidly obese try to lose weight by exercising for 8 hours a day...

The were a couple of things different about this morning's run:
  1. I am fat (relatively speaking). I left for Boston at 155.2 lbs. I weighed 166.6 lbs this morning. I haven't been this heavy since January 2011. 
  2. Holy crap did this hurt. I thought taking two weeks off might make my legs fresh. Nope. My quads were like, what the .....? The first 1.5 miles were like running on broken legs.
  3. Put on the HRM for the first time since June 23rd of last year. New one from the new Garmin 305 I bought last year. Strap needed to be adjusted for my new "girth".
So here's the dirty details below. Not that horrible, expected crapiness after two weeks completely off, post -marathon. Also, doing the 100 push-up challenge. I did Week 1, Day 3 after the run and could not complete the last set (by 1 measly push-up). Did 11-15-9-9-12 push-ups with 120 seconds rest.

So 4 miles @ 8:38/mile. AHR 128. Will start also reporting a beats/mile metric.

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