Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Change Of Heart (In Training)

I'm sure you are all wondering were I've been, right? Billions of people across the internet will finally give a breath of relief, that my I have not got lost on my last run, or fell down a really big, long, dark hole.

Nope. I'm still hear. However, as the title of this post shows, I've had a change in heart about my training. After another slow, slog on Sunday with high HR values, I basically decided on Sunday to put the HR monitor because I asked myself the question, "Why Do I Run?". Do I run to over-analyze every aspect about my Pace vs. HR, which in most cases isn't that positive. Or do I run because I enjoy it.

I run, mainly,  because I enjoy it. So the HR monitor went away and I ran Monday and today without it. Since the month of May is still low key, I slept in yesterday, because... Because I just felt like it. OK, here's a short summary of what's happened since my last visit to the blogosphere....


Last run with a HR monitor. After a probably too fast run on Saturday, Sunday was a recovery run for an hour. My typical 7 mile loop fits that desired time period nicely (8:34/mile == 1 hour). It was a nice Mother's Day morning, but my legs definitely felt the previous day's run and 5 hours of yard work. (Did I tell you again that Spring + Running don't mix well for me?). Just wanted to keep the run easy. So instead of pasting a picture from my running log, I'll just post the details here:
  • Distance: 6.99 miles
  • Time: 1:00:31.52
  • Pace: 8:39/mile
  • Weight: 165.4 
  • Average HR: 138
  • Max HR: 150
  • Weather: 61F, Partly Cloudy
I'm not even going to post the beats/mile, or the beats per cadence levels or whatever. The run was slow, as I am now slow and out of shape.


So without the HR monitor bolted to my chest, I wanted to run "fast", but not strenuous. Basically, run around 7:55/mile for my typical 9.66 mile loop. Legs didn't feel to great, and it probably felt too hard, but I'm out of shape. Nothing else really to say about this one. I really need to post these dailies because it's tough trying to remember two days ago (let alone 2 hours ago).

  • Distance: 9.65 miles
  • Time: 1:16:14.54
  • Pace: 7:54/mile
  • Weight: 165.8
  • Weather: 62F, Partly Cloudy


 Took yesterday off because I wanted to. So, basically a repeat of Sunday's run sans HR monitor. The whole goal of these non-"fast" runs are to basically run at a pace that feels effortless. With my old, creaky legs not really easy to do the first mile or two, but the legs did "warm" up this morning and I was able to has a nice easy hour run on the same 7 mile course as Sunday.

I was very foggy, humid and rainy most of the run. However, since it was warm out, it didn't really matter except for the rapid fogging of my glasses (one thing that sucks about running when wearing glasses). Over-all a good, easy run...

  • Distance: 6.98 miles
  • Time: 1:00:14.14
  • Pace: 8:37/mile
  • Weight: 165.6 
  • Weather: 61F, Rain


Still doing the 100 push-up challenge. Failed at Week 2, Day 3 on Monday. Only did 16-17-14-14-12 with 120 seconds rest in  between. However, this morning after my run, I completed Week 2, Day 3 with 16-17-14-14-21 push-ups. I'm huge now. A regular beefcake, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So on Friday afternoon/evening I will do a max push-up test before moving onto Week 3. I think I might be able to get to 25-30. We will see.....

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