Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back To The Great Outdoors

It wasn't pouring rain out this morning, so today's craptacular run was going to outside. Grey, cool cloudy morning. Temps in the upper 40s. Seems like the heat we had in Boston on April 16th was that single day you always get in April/Early May that is uber-hot and near 90 degrees. What luck...

So, today was 4 miles outside. It hurt, my left buttock is sore. It complained the entire run. I was slow. My HR was high for the pace. I'm still fat. But that's all to be expected in my 2nd run, 1st outdoors since Boston. Now the decision is whether to run tomorrow or sleep in. I miss sleeping in.

The dirty details of today's run. Speed-a-rific. I'd say I am close to 1 minute/mile slower than where I want to be in 6+ months. That's OK.

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