Saturday, May 12, 2012


Well after that little HR rise episode on Thursday and me being super obsessive man, I took yesterday off. I also decided to change things up a bit in order to not be "Mr. Obsessive Man" when it comes to HR. So, the plan was to hide the HR data on the Garmin watch while I ran, but still record it using the HR monitor strap. I've done this before, and actually it is more enjoyable for me. So instead of the HR setting the pace, I run the pace at the intensity I feel it should be and I will use the HR data for a guide.

Now, today I was going to run my normal 9.66 mile route. I wanted to try and run it at around 1:20 as I thought that would line up well with the supposed HR145 is was supposed to be for HADD. It was brilliantly sunny and it warmed up rather quickly during the run. Temps went from 52 to 68 during the run. Legs felt OK, and the first miles were probably too quick (actually looking back at the data most of the miles were too quick).

I just went with the pace and legs felt pretty good for the first 6-7, then they got tired as I ran the gradual uphill back home, especially with around mile 8.4 where my legs seems to stiffen up. Looking back at the HR data, the run is probably laughable. I have a long way to go with this HR data. Can't believe I hit a max of 165 on this run. Beats/mile over 1200. My run on Monday was at 1123. Well, this is why I sometimes hate the HR training, it just plays mind games with me. Below are the dirty details. Not too pretty I must say. However, they are comparable to last weekends slow as molasses runs.

Oh, I also basically got no sleep last night. Stayed up late watching the end of The Town and the beginning of Moneyball. I tend to do these stupid things when I'm not it training.

Did W2D2 of the pushup challenge afterwards. Actually completed it with 14-16-12-12-17 push-ups with 90 seconds rest in between. Will do W2D3 on Monday. Tomorrow the plan is to run 7 miles in 1 hour. Nice and slow. Let's see how craptacular that run is.

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