Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where Has Summer Gone?????

Honestly I don't think the sun has been out for more than a few hours the past few weeks. We went from March 1st through the middle of April (Boston time), with little to no rain, glorious sunshine. So now when I want to actually work on my yard and run outside more, we've turned into DrearyTown.

Another rainy morning, which meant another run on the 'mill while watching The Biggest Loser. One of this morning's episodes was the episode where they all decided to quit the show because the show wanted to bring back an at-home contestant. Might as well just call the show "The Biggest Baby", because honestly that's how they've all acted this season.

My run, you might ask? 45 minutes at HR140. Got to pick it up a tad on the TM, and the run was again uneventful. I did have to stop for a few seconds after the first 30 or so seconds to fast forward through the Biggest Loser episode to the right part. Can't watch the same stuff twice right????

Anyway, managed 5.44 miles in the 45 minutes. I'm a speed demon. Here are the details. Tomorrow is a repeat of Monday's "workout". 60 minutes at HR150. Hopefully I'll be able to run outside. My predicition is that it will be worse than Monday's effort. I'm such a positive thinker!

Oh, and the Capitals better beat the Rangers tonight!

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