Friday, May 4, 2012

Back Inside Again, I Guess It's May Showers....

What happened to all of that dry, sunny weather we had for most of March and April? I don't think the sun has been out since this past weekend. Woke up to do 5 miles at HR135. Looks at the radar and a nice blip of red was heading our way. So headed down to the basement to do 5 miles on the treadmill.

Yesterday was a day off, with just doing the push-up challenge. Managed to get through Week 1, Day 3 of it (barely). 11-15-9-9-13 push-up's with 120 seconds rest in between. I will do Week 2, Day 1 on Sunday (probably multiple times).

My upper left hamstring (OK, butt) has been really tight and sore. Probably from inactivity for two weeks and that I have the flexibility of a 90-year old man. Plodded through the 5 miles. The run was better than Tuesday's run (according to HR), but there was some degradation of pace vs. HR over distance.

The dirty details are below....

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