Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Yes, I am slacking about reporting my training. I said on my last post on Saturday that I would try to post regularly. That lasted all of one day.

The weekend was full of back-breaking yard work in the warm sun and a shortish run on Sunday. Yardwork + sun + running usually kills me and knocks me out. This 40 year-old body just ain't cut out for it anymore.


I was exhausted at the previous days work. Basically opened the pool, cleaned the cover and water bags, plus planted tons of flowers around the back yard. It was a very, very full day. So I was tired and exhausted when I woke up on Sunday. So, instead of doing the planned 7, I just did 4. Why? Because it's still the offseason and I don't have to kill myself. I'll kill myself in June.

  • Distance: 3.98 miles
  • Time: 35:12.32
  • Pace: 8:50/mile
  • Weight: 164.8 lbs
  • Weather: 68F, Sunny
Tried to do Week 3, Day 1 of the 100 push-up challenge, but failed on the last set. Did 14-18-14-14-14 with 60 seconds rest. Arms felt tired from Saturday's yardwork extravaganza.

Weekly Summary

  • Distance: 43.2 miles
  • Time: 5:53:31
  • Pace: 8:15/mile


As with Sunday, I was thoroughly exhausted on Monday morning, Sunday was yet again spent doing yardwork around the yard. Basically getting the pool clean and ready for swimming, but planting like a million annual flowers in the yard (again). So when I work early Monday morning, my body wasn't jumping for joy at the aspect of running the 9.66 mile loop.

The goal was to do it in 1:15:20, or 7:48/mile pace. Broke out the new Kinvara 2's I posted earlier and off I went. Started out a little faster than previous runs, but the legs still got tired towards the end. Splits were: 8:29,  7:51, 7:42, 7:26, 7:35, 7:37, 7:46, 7:53, 7:45, 4:57 (7:30). Once I hit the goal pace I didn't push as hard, but legs were still noticeably tired. Used the Garmin pacer for the first time (which tells you how far ahead/behind you are). Interesting, but didn't understand how to stop it properly.

  • Distance: 9.66 miles
  • Time: 1:15:06.76
  • Pace: 7:46/mile
  • Weight: 165.8 lbs
  • Weather: 59F, Overcast, Humid


Woke up tired again. Staying up way, way too late. So decided to sleep in and skip a run. Attempted Week 3, Day 1 again for the push-up challenge and did work than the first attempt. Arms were really tired from weekend. Only managed 14-18-14-14-10 with 60 seconds rest.


It seems a common theme for this past week/post is staying up too late. So once again I didn't get to bed until after 11pm and with a wake-up call at 530am, that isn't enough sleep. Had wanted to run 7 miles, but cut it back to my 6.1 loop. Just kept it easy, but my cadence was paltry and slow. Maybe 170 strides/min if that....

  • Distance: 6.13 miles
  • Time: 53:09.49
  • Pace: 8:40/mile
  • Weight: 165.0 lbs
  • Weather: 61F, Overcast, Humid
One more run left before I head over to Ireland for about 10-11 days. Will try to run some over there, but not much. The real training begins when I get back!

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