Monday, May 7, 2012

Running + Spring Is A Bad Combination

Why is running and spring a bad combination? Two words: yard work. I am always lax on the yardwork pre-Boston, which result in having too much to do post-Boston. Add into the equation that I will be on vacation from May 24th through June 4th, I've basically been working overtime (especially on weekend) to get the outside of the house in order. Unfortunately, I'm not 25 anymore, and this 40 year-old body gets a tad bit sorer when weeding, etc. for 4-5 hours a day.

Anyway, I ran Saturday, Sunday and Monday. One weird aspect of last weeks training was the interesting fact that I weighed 166.4 lbs for 5 straight days (using a scale with a resolution of 0.2 lbs). This has never happened before, and would probably be very difficult for anyone to replicate.


Went out for 45 minutes at HR135 on Saturday morning. The tendency on weekends is to sleep in a bit. This will not be good in the summer when it gets hot and sticky. Unfortunately, Allison woke us up at 6am, but I managed to sleep until 7:45am. She was sick most of the day with a 101-102F fever and just plain lethargic.

The run was a slog and just plain slow. Basically made it under 9 minutes per mile by the skin of my teeth and the HR vs. pace degraded again as I ran.

Spent the rest of the day with Kristin cleaning up most of the front beds outside and mowing most of the lawn. Then basically sat on my ass.


The big decision here was whether or not to run or not run. The decision in the end was to do 45 minutes at HR135.  Basically for this 2nd week (Sun-Sat) of HADD training, I will do a typical week 1 schedule but take off 15 minutes of each run. Next week (week 3), I'll add those 15 minutes back on.

The run was pretty much as crappy as Saturday's run. Slightly faster and slightly lower HR. Though there was nothing to write home about.

Also did W2D1 of the 100 push-ups challenge. Did 11-14-10-10-15 with 60 seconds rest. The first set was supposed to be 14, but misread on my phone. Followed this all up with another 4+ hours of yard work. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Week In Review

  • Total Runs: 5 (3 outside, 2 treadmill)
    Miles: 23.1
    Pace: 8:47/mile
    AHR: 130.3
    Beats/mile: 1144.5 (Treadmill bts/mi less than outside bts/mi)

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